2018 Studio Space application deadline is September 15, 2018



Ranging in size from 100 to over 700 square feet our studio spaces are designed to accommodate artists at different stages of their careers and artists with different studio practices.  Between the two floors there are a total of 20 studios that are capable of housing 40 artists.

The studios will be dedicated to visual artists of different ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, career trajectories, genders, sexuality and artistic practices. STABLE is committed to creating a cohort of artists that is reflective of the broader community.



The yearly cost of studios will range from $21 - $23 a sq/ ft based on size, ceiling height, lighting, and storage. Each studio space will be priced with the goal of providing an affordable and reliable dues.


can I share a studio space?

Yes! We want to support artist in making studio space affordable. If you would like to share a studio space you must apply separately with your potential studio mate. Both applicants must meet the rigor and excellence of the STABLE artist community.




STABLE will not have equipment on site (wood shop, printer, ect…). However, in partnership with Halcyon the artists in STABLE studios will have access to the Halcyon wood shop. We will continue to build partnerships that will benefit our artists and the greater arts community in Washington DC.



STABLE studios will be open 24/7 for artists, but will not be open to the public. The gallery will operate with normal business hours and be open to the public.


open studies

We will have a number of open studios - one to two per year will be open to the public.  We are aware that many studio artists need solitary time and we intend to make the open studios as unobtrusive as possible, while still providing the community (collectors, curators, other artists and arts enthusiasts) access to our STABLE artists, their work and their processes. This program will be an important part of how STABLE makes the arts community of the DC area visible to the broader community.


shared studio

The shared studio will meet the needs of “post studio” artists who have practices that only need desk space and who value the opportunity to be a formal part of the STABLE community.  The call for shared studio spaces will be separate from traditional studio spaces.



In addition to cutting edge contemporary art exhibitions, the gallery space will be run in collaboration with partnering institutions and will provide opportunities for community and neighborhood events.


will I be able to show my work in the gallery?  

The Gallery will be run separately from the studio program.  It will be run in collaboration with partnering institutions and guest curators. STABLE founders and staff will facilitate curatorial partnerships for the gallery space but will not play a role in choosing which artists’ works will be featured in the  gallery.


how long will I have my studio?

The studio space are intended to be permanent studios (STABLE has secured a 10 year lease for the space). At the end of each year there will be short interview to make sure the space is being utilized and the partnership between STABLE and the artists is rewarding and successful.


am I required to use my space for a certain number of hours per week?

We will not require that artists use their studios for a particular number of hours per week or month, however, STABLE is an active community of working visual artists.  In order to contribute to the community that we are building, we ask that STABLE artists use their studios regularly.


will there be any additional responsibilities that come with having a studio space at STABLE

Being a good community member is an important responsibility.  We are committed to creating opportunities and sharing resources for artists with studios in STABLE. 


where is STABLE:

336 Randolph Street NE, Washington, DC 20002


what is the closest metro?

STABLE is located between the NoMa Metro and the Rhode Island Ave Metro.  NoMa Metro is .6 miles from us, Rhode Island Ave Metro is .8 miles from us.


what is parking like?

There is some street parking in the neighborhood.