Washington, DC is an international city with a robust history of energetic,
talented visual artists. The city’s economy is booming and DC continues to
grow. This expansion puts pressure on the arts community - over the past
decade artist studio buildings and art venues have steadily closed, many
artists choose to leave Washington DC due to the perceived lack of
opportunity, the high cost of living and the shortage of affordable work
space. In order for Washington to be a dynamic, cultural capital we need
for the creative community to keep pace with the city; we need to
support and encourage our artists to stay AND we need to entice
more artists to bring their intelligence, drive, and resources to the city.

STABLE’s mission is to strengthen Washington, DC’s contemporary visual
arts community by providing affordable and sustainable studio space, an
engaged, diverse artist community and access to local, national, and
international audiences through partnerships, programming and exhibitions.

We envision STABLE becoming an active space for artists in DC and
beyond. STABLE aims to change the arts landscape in DC by supporting a
creative economy where visual artists not only remain in the city, but thrive.

Stable is committed to: Visual Arts, Excellence, Community, Dialogue,
Partnerships and Stability

STABLE is partnering with well-established arts organizations to bring
diverse programming into the STABLE studio complex, generating a
dynamic art ecology. The artists working within STABLE have the
opportunity to expand their professional practice while connecting to the
unique cultural assets, creative communities and institutions unique to
Washington, DC.

The studios will be dedicated to visual artists of different ages, socioeconomic
backgrounds, ethnicities, career trajectories, genders, sexuality and artistic
practices. Studio space rented directly to DC based visual artists will be below
market rate. The FlexSpace is the most visible part of the STABLE complex
and will allow for partnerships opportunities, collaboration, events and
exhibitions. STABLE will engage the broader community through open studios
and educational programming. We will work with local and national
organizations to bring in a diverse group of artists that will rotate annually,
which will provide unique flow and energy to STABLE.

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